Need a professional translation to or from Russian?

Julio Muñoz Carrasco

General Manager

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Translation is a key for your clients to feel comfortable on your website. In many cases it’s the reason in staying or going away.

A good and qualitative translation is very important. Often people don’t attach much importance to it, but a bad translation can become a commercial disaster.

As experts in an international e-marketing, we are aware of this.

Internet requires not only a good translation, but a translation which is optimized for SEO.

In Kometatek Company we provide the best Russian translation optimized for search engines and Russian social networks by native speakers in coordination with a native search engine optimization and Russian social networks experts.

We also provide professional and optimized translations in most of existing languages.

Translation (Price per word)

Service Price, €
Translation to / from Russian 0,10
Translation to / from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese 0,06
Translation to / from Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Romanian , Swedish, Finnish 0,14
Translation from / to Czech, Slovak, Polish , Bulgarian , Serbian, Croatian, Greek 0,14
Translation to / from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Hebrew 0,16