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Julio Muñoz Carrasco

General Manager

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The optimal functioning of your website is an essential aspect.

We perform a complete and thorough diagnosis of all the elements of your website to find and fix issues that require it in order to optimize its performance.

This service includes a technical analysis of the website to meet the requirements of search engines.

An internal optimization of a website is a very important aspect. Without it we can´t reach the desired position or traffic on search engines. It is therefore essential that the audit is carried out by qualified professionals.

This service will help to eliminate all internal errors in optimizing your website, avoid penalties by search engines and improve the ranking of your website.

This, in turn, will enable your website to attract more specific visitors, and therefore increasing the number of sales of your products and services.

Stages of work:

  • Usability Analysis
  • Website structure and website navigation Analysis
  • Design and website design elements Analysis
  • Text readability and sensitivity Analysis

Web audit

Service Term Price, €
Full web Auditing 5 days 500
Semantic core development 3 days 160