PR in Forums and Blogs

Forums and blogs are increasingly gaining ground as opinion leaders. Today, they are becoming the virtual equivalent of traditional "word of mouth" which is the primary and most effective way to do promotion.

Interactivity is the main feature of online communication that companies should consider when developing their global PR strategy.

Suitable messages in the right places are a powerful tool in these channels that allow direct contact with some potential customers and control, at least partially, the information circulating on the internet about the company.

In kometatek we manage to optimize this process in the world of Russian forums and blogs.

Stages of labor:

  • Selection of forums and blogs
  • Composing messages in coordination with the client
  • Posting messages in adequate forums and blogs
  • Impact monitoring

PR in forums and blogs

Service Price, €
Placing ads in mass media (per month) 150
Creating forums from zero, 1 post 5


Service Term Price, €
Development of new texts (1000 words) 1 day from 20
from 3 days from 65
PR Article 1 week from 250
Press release 1 week from 150
Product information Import for online stores 0,50 per item
Preparation of commercial offer 4 Preparation of commercial offer from 100
Texts for flyers, brochures 4 days from 100