Search engine optimization (SEO)

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Julio Muñoz Carrasco

General Manager

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To compete in the Russian market is essential to correctly position your product or service so that your customers could find you. Therefore, the investment in SEO is possibly one of the most profitable and necessary in your life on the internet.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex task that encompasses a multiple joint optimization aspects, from technical development and programming to translation and content writing to get good positioning.

In Kometatek we also offer SEO for results so that your success is also ours and because of that only pay for the actual outcome of our work. The results can be by position, traffic or action, depending on the requirements and features of your product or service.

We practice White Hat SEO which is an honest approach and which is a better investment in the medium and long term for our clients.

We offer the biggest online visibility and presence in the Russian market due to our experience with the mixed Russian search engine optimization, in Yandex and

Stages of work:

  • Previous analysis
  • Creating the semantic core
  • Improving the structure of the website
  • Optimizing content and metatags
  • Checking the availability of sites and services
  • Improved website indexing
  • Usability Testing
  • Interaction with the search engines and statistics
  • Optimization of internal links
  • Website Security Audit
  • Improving social activity
  • Working with external links
  • Metrics and Statistics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Service Price, €
Positioning by position, keyword from 10
Positioning by traffic, unique visitors from 0,15
Positioning by action (call, order, form letter to mail) from 5
Campaign minimum payment (per month) 450