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Julio Muñoz Carrasco

General Manager

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We offer an original and unique design by professional web designer, always considering the needs of our customers and adapting to the particularities of each case in order to be an important tool for promotion and corporate reputation.

Our job is to create the best user experience for your customers due to a work which is focused on the making of visually pleasing the usage of your website.

If you already have a template in PSD format, we can lay out it on your future website. This option is useful for those who understand graphic editors, but don’t understand the programming language.

If for any reason you don’t need a custom design, you can choose any option in our database which has more than 1,000 examples of templates and can be modified according to your wishes.

All our design process is structured and distributed by stages. At each stage different specialists are working and creating a qualitative product.

After a thorough market analysis and based on a customers’ requirements we create the design thinking not only about how these items are displayed on the computer screen, but also about all its potential uses, from printing of business cards, promotional products, production and development of a complex advertising.

Stages of labor:

  • Requirements Specification
  • Development of the design concept
  • Making models
  • Review of designs for customers
  • Required corrections
  • Project approval

Web Design

Service Terms Term , €
Custom design homepage 1 week from 350
Extra variant homepage design 1 week from 200
Design second page of the web 1 week from 175
Banner 1 day from 25
Page icon (favicon) 1 day from 20
Flash Presentation 3 weeks from 500
Banner Flash 4 days from 150
Interfaces and applications 3 weeks from 450