The russian market

An Internet giant.

Nowadays Russia has 68 millions of internet users and this number continues to grow. This country has the biggest number of internet users.

An online commerce market full of potential

15% of the 408 million of internet users are in Russia which makes it the largest market for an online commerce with the greatest potential for growth in Europe.

Russian online commerce is changing, creating real business opportunities for companies. At the same time a trust is growing in online commerce.

Yandex and Russian social networks are the key to selling on- line in Russia

Yandex is a major search engine in Russia. It has 55% of market share in Russia and a sixth position in the worlds’ number of internet users.

Yandex headquarters are in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey, which together comprise a market of 119,8 million of internet users.

The differential value of this search engine is the ability to adapt their own technology and services to the culture and language of the search query: among other things it is able to recognize the linguistic inflections of Russian language and structure of the Turkish language, which results into more qualitative responses to users.

Russia has become a hyper social country with an immense social media.

  • 34.5 millions of visits in at least one of a social network monthly.
  • They are more active on social networks than any other country with an average of 10.4 hours per month.
  • They use mostly their own social networks, where Vkontakte dominates.

Success in an online commerce in Russia means to have a strong social presence.