Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Want to promote your business in the Russian social networks?

Julio Muñoz Carrasco

General Manager

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The importance of social networks is growing as a means for communication between companies and customers.

This is a very useful means of enhancing the brand image, and for increasing an awareness of the company and its products, bringing traffic to your website and selling products, services and benefits in terms of search engine optimization.

Russia, in particular, has become hyper social in recent years. The presence in their social networks becomes a key aspect when it comes to success in online promotion and trade.

In Russia, local social networks like Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki are prevailing.

In Kometatek we will carry out the strategy and set of actions needed for better promotion of your business in the Russian social networks by interacting directly with your potential customers and target audience for your business.

Some of our actions:

  • Creation and promotion of a community in Vkontakte
  • Creation and promotion of a corporate page on Facebook
  • Maintaining your company's microblog on Twitter
  • Creation of a corporate page on Odnoklassniki

Social Networks

Service Price, €
Vkontakte. Followers by invitation. Real people, x1000 65
Vkontakte. Followers by invitation to meeting / event, x1000 27
Facebook. Followers in public information, real people, x1000 2
Twitter. Lanzamiento hastag en twiter. 1 hastag, 6 horas TOP en Rusia 1300
Twitter. Followers (former Soviet republics), x1000 2,5
Youtube. Video TOP in Russia (once) 600
Youtube. Likes, 1000 likes 35
Youtube. Subscribers on channel 1000 subscribers 35
Youtube. Reproductions, 1000 views 1
For all social networks. Entering comments, 100 comments 15
Odnoklasniki. I like photo / post, x1000 3
Odnoklasniki . I like pages (former Soviet republics), x1000 12